Note: This product does not include La Caja China Roasting Box (as pictured above). La Caja China must be purchased separately.

The CJC75 is a product we have created to address a couple of needs brought to our attention by our customers. For all the owners of the Caja China Roasting Box or La Caja Asadora China Roasting Box or any other "Cajun Microwave" style cooker, we have put together an add-on rotisserie option that can turn your cooker into a rotisserie that can cook up to 75 lbs. of meat ON TOP OF THE BOX while you can still use the inside of the box while the meat on top is turning.

The CJC75 Spit Roaster is made with 304 (food-safe) stainless steel and features a powerful direct drive motor that will turn up to 75 lbs. (balanced load). It comes with oversized forks and a custom U-bolt to keep the meat in place. Other trussing hardware accessories are also available. Setup and assembly are quick and easy and it can be easily cleaned, disassembled and stored when you are finished cooking.

This rotisserie is fully guaranteed for one year and is backed by our highly rated customer service policies and personnel. We are always available for support and tips - mechanical and culinary.

The CJC75 Pig Rotisserie can also be easily converted to a "stand alone" unit for use without the China Roasting Box by ordering our CXB base set.

If you are looking for an easy versatile way to extend the use of your Caja China or Caja Asadora or Cajun Microwave and need a heavy-duty, battle-tested rotisserie system, this is the one. 

  • Fits any La Caja China, Casa Asadora or similar pig roasting box product or any custom metal pit up to 48" wide (contact us for details)
  • Powerful 40 watt motor that will turn up to 75 lbs.
  • Direct drive power train
  • Adjustable from 2-24"
  • 304 food-safe stainless steel construction
  • Bearing system to reduce friction and extend motor life.
  • Heavy duty trussing hardware included
  • Base set available for remote use without a China Box or other pit
  • Custom post attachment kit included
  • Full one year guarantee

Essential Trussing Hardware and Accessory Package (included) (over a $65 value):

  • Heavy duty spit forks (9 inches long) (pair) to secure the back legs and shoulders ($32 value)
  • U-bolt for trussing the spine to the spit (1) ($14 value)
  • Dual sensor thermometer to read the internal AND external temperature while cooking ($11 value)
  • Set of two binding clamps to secure both sets of legs to the spit ($12 value)

Over the past 10 years SpitJack has been the industry leader in free-standing motorized spit roasters and rotisseries. For all sizes of pig, hog, lamb, goat, turkey, chicken and more, SpitJack has created a full line of products to cook the meat simply, properly and for the appropriate cost. These machines are professionally engineered and designed to be durable, safe and function as promised OR BETTER.


  • 51" long stainless spit
  • 24" adjustable posts
  • 40W motor with optional stainless case
  • 6 RPM motor speed

SKU: RT107


SpitJack CJC75 Rotisserie User Manual

Click here for a zip file containing all of our CJC75 documents

SKU: RT107