We are sorry but the CharCone is out of stock and out of production. We do not have any current plans to make any more. Please contact us for more information.

Fire pits are a very personal subject. Everyone has a different idea of what a pit should be and many of us build it ourselves. All of our pits have to do with cooking so you won't find any of those fancy copper or tiled ones here. We plan on expanding our selection when we find some more designs that we feel can be useful.

Right now, all we have is the CharCone. This is something we designed and are very proud of. Find out all about it at CharCone.com. If you want something more traditional, we recommend the ORIGINAL Sojoe fire pit. You can buy a cheap knock off of this in a big box store but, believe me, this is worth the extra dough.

There are currently no products in this collection.