If cooking in the fireplace seems like an odd idea, remember - this is the primary way people of the world cooked until only about 200 years ago. Many still do (usually out of necessity).

While we don't recommend that you get rid of your stove top, oven or range anytime soon, it is a great way to experience an important part of our culinary history and have some fun and great tasting food while you do.

To cook in a fireplace you need some special tools, appliances, gadgets, and knowledge. First, you'll need a good set of common fireplace tools (brush, tongs, shovel, poker). Try to find some long ones if you can. Next, buy the Open Hearth Cookbook. If you want to get fancy, buy a rotisserie or grill. A trivet and cast iron pan or Dutch oven is essential and if you want to have fun, try a chestnut roaster, popcorn popper or some marshmallow forks. If you are on a strict budget, you can always cook directly over the coals.

However you do it, I'm sure you will find fireplace cooking interesting, challenging, satisfying and delicious.

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