Next to the motor, the spit is the most important part of your rotisserie system. If you are building your own rotisserie, read the information below to help make the best choice for your system.

There are many factors to consider when choosing or creating a spit:

  1. First is the weight demand requirement - the spit must be strong enough to support your maximum load (assumed unbalanced) over a certain period of time (figure one hour for every 10 lbs. of meat).
  2. Second, the length - you spit must be able to accommodate the largest piece of meat (or whole animal) you would ever use it for plus at least 6-12" extra on either side to make sure there is enough heat to cook the extremities and cover the spit needed to couple with the motor and overhang on the remote end.
  3. Third, the material - we recommend and use food-grade stainless steel (304 0r 316). Carbon steel can impart off-flavors to the meat. Galvanized metal can leech toxic zinc and should not be used as a rotisserie spit.
  4. Forth, the shape - pipe (or tube) or solid rod? Hex, square or round? We recommend (and sell) thick-walled pipe (schedule 40) for most uses. Solid rod is recommended only if you have a longer span and need the extra strength.
  5. Fifth, the thickness - for small grill mounted units, 5/16" square is standard. For our smaller models, 7/8" (outside dimension) pipe is used. For our larger models, up to 1.25" (OD) pipe is sufficient.
  6. Sixth, coupling method. How will you join the spit to the motor? Will you need a male or female coupling? How must you alter the spit and will you need a custom fitting to achieve this?
  7. Seventh, trussing options - how you use the spit to help secure the meat for cooking? Forks (you will need forks that sleeve fairly tightly over your spit). Better than forks are pins that are able to be put through the spit. This would entail drilling holes at regular intervals through your spit.

We invite you call us and get a free consultation. We will be happy to assess your needs and give you an expert recommendation on how to choose or create the appropriate spit for your rotisserie. It can save you a lot of time and bother and probably, in the end, some money too.

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