Grills - the heart of everyday backyard cooking. There is a wide variety of grills from fancy propane rigs that cost up to $15,000 (really) to $2,000 ceramic eggs to a simple kettle knock-off  that you can get for under $50 at your supermarket.

We've tried out quite a few grills and used to sell some as well. But times and the retail landscape have changed. To be fair and honest, I started directing folks to where they could buy just about any grill cheaper and faster ( for the most part). That goes for grill tools and accessories, too.

What we have left is more or less what we started with over 12 years ago - fireplace grills. At least that's what they are made for in Tuscany, Italy where we buy them from. They can also be used in an outdoor fireplace (a lot many more of them now than 12 years ago!) over a campfire, at the beach, or over your custom pit.

There's two different models right now, both high quality stainless steel and of excellent value. Check out the specs and features for each and let us know what you think. Ask us for a free pair of gloves when you order one

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