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The SpitJack ALL Stainless Adjustable Tuscan Fireplace and Camping Grill is the best grill for your indoor or outdoor fireplace, camper, beach party, boat, or vacation home.

Now included: Custom Carrying Bag and Premium Hearth Gloves

Limited time offer - Free stainless/silicone basting brush set!

It is a true Tuscan-style grill crafted from a classic design. Its unique construction allows for a good range of adjustability and still allows the entire grill to be placed over your logs or log grate.

The entire grill (except for the wooden handles) is food-grade stainless steel. The stainless construction assures that you will have minimum care and maximum longevity with your grill. The handle is made from wood, our best choice for comfort and safety. Use it for camping outdoors or on the beach or your boat without worries about rust or corrosion.

The stainless fireplace grill is easily assembled and ready for use in less than 5 minutes and can be disassembled just as easily for transport or storage. Optional storage and travel bag are also available. Now you can use your fireplace to grill your favorite foods.

This fireplace and camping grill can also be used as a trivet or support for cast iron Dutch ovens or skillets.


  • Sturdy, classic design
  • Adjustable (3 levels)
  • All stainless steel (food safe) grill grate, support posts and base
  • Removable stay-cool wooden handles
  • Heavy duty, no-warp grill rods
  • Removable drip pan to help protect your hearth and collect drippings
  • Custom carry bag for transport and/or storage
  • Premium SpitJack Leather Hearth/BBQ Gloves
  • Full one year guarantee



  • Grill - 17 x 18"
  • Heights - 6.5", 10.5", 15"
  • Overall depth - 28"
  • Handle length - 10"
  • Base depth - 17"
  • Base width - 18.5"
  • Drip pan  4.5" x 17.5"

SKU: GR104

SKU: GR104