SpitJack (the company) was founded in 2004 from a passion for food and cooking with fire. While taking in the pleasures of wood burning in our home fireplace we wondered if we could extend the experience by using the open flames for cooking. After much research and discovery, we found some very practical, safe, and affordable tools to use and were soon enjoying rotisserie and grilled food right from our home fireplace.

Since then we have expanded this concept and practice to the warmer seasons and the outdoors. By introducing, fireplace grills, and whole animal rotisseries, our catalog now gives you a way to cook with fire throughout the year. Our accessories like premium meat injectors, knives, specialty gloves, and smoked rubs provide you everything you need to prepare and fully enjoy your fire cooking experience.

Bruce Frankel, a former chef and restaurateur, began his culinary career in 1975 and opened his first restaurant (Panache, Cambridge, MA) in 1980. Inspired by the back-to-our-roots American food movement he  realized that the essence of all great cuisines was in the creative expression of regional history, culture and taste. He opened The Colony Restaurant in Boston in 1987 after studying the foodways of the northeast. The Colony limited its menu and beverage list to foods locally sourced and incorporated traditional culinary techniques including cooking with live fire. Bruce continued the "locavore" theme in his last restaurant venture, 798 Main, a downscaled bistro concept that replaced Panache.

Helping Bruce is a dedicated team of shipping and warehouse workers, designers, engineers, systems, IT, and marketing experts, and a small staff that keeps everything humming.

SpitJack's warehouse and offices  are located in Northampton, Massachusetts. The retail showroom, opened in 2008 in Shrewsbury, MA, and moved to Easthampton in 2012. Due to Covid19 restrictions, we closed our showroom and relocated to Northampton. 

Directions to our office and warehouse at 296 Nonotuck Street, Florence, MA 01062: