If you are building your own rotisserie, there are a few basic boxes you have to check. One is the motor, one is the spit and another is the support and connection system. In most cases you need to find a way to attach the motor to some kind of support system whether it be your stone or metal pit or a base unit of some kind that keeps the whole system solid during operation.

In addition to the motor support, you have to somehow support the spit at the other end. It is important that the spit remain level and ideally, is adjustable, along with the rest of the drive train.


Our posts and post systems fit all of our motors (with variation in the brackets that hold the spit) and are adjustable, using simple lock pin hardware, over an 18" range.

Each post (1 x 2 inch c-channel) is 22 inches long and fits in the post collar of our motors (if you have your own motor, you will have to create an assembly option). Posts are made of different types of metal and different weights of metal and are designed to fit specific bases units or attachment brackets and may not be interchangeable.


The base systems we sell have a very simple premise. They are designed to be used on the ground (or other flat, non-combustible and level surface). This addresses many issues of convenience, safely, cost and storage. They come in 3 different material and weights, each designed for a specific range of use.

Note: All of our bases fit the posts that are made for that base set and may not fit other bases sets we sell.

Pit attachment brackets:

It you have a metal pit (oil or gas tank, custom box, etc.) or a stone pit (with a wall width of at least 6") you probably don't need our base units and are looking to attach the posts directly to your pit. For that we have a few types of attachment bracket. These brackets will accept any of our posts (using small nuts and bolts as hardware) and have pre-drilled holes for attaching the bracket to your pit. So whether you need flush mount, offset (to get around the lip of your pit) or flange (for a direct vertical assembly), we have the solution. All are stainless, heavy duty, and will hold up to the torque and force of the rotisserie operation.

Spit support brackets:

You need something to support the spit at the other end from the motor and it is not as simple as it might seem. The bracket has to support the spit (and hopefully have bearings to reduce friction and wear) and it also has to fit on a post or some other structure (which is hopefully adjustable) that attaches to the base or other main support. Our brackets cover all of the bases. They are compatible with our posts and most spits, have built-in or support for bearings, and are adjustable if using our posts or something similar.

This may sound a bit complicated (it is) so please call us if you have any questions. We will be happy to talk to you about getting you custom rotisserie system built.
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