When it comes to attaching a rotisserie system (motor, spit and posts) to your pit, you have a couple of options. If you have a metal "bin" type pit (oil, gas tank, pipe, or custom box) you can simply weld the posts to the sides of the pit. This saves some time and bother but limits your options in terms of use flexibility.

If you have any kind of lip or overhang on the top of your pit, you might have to cut it to keep the post flush. This is where our offset brackets come in. Install the brackets with 4 bolts and nuts (you will need to drill out 4 holes in your pit) and they are ready to accept our posts (or any 1 x 2" tube or channel that you've created to fit). The bracket offset will bring the post out enough so it will clear the lip of the pit and you will be good to go.

This bracket fits most of our posts or any 1 x 2" post that you create and configure as long as the attachment holes (3) line up.

The large offset (4") is mostly used when there is need to push the motor assembly far enough back to clear a hood or cover closure. It is made of heavy grade stainless steel. Hardware to attach posts to the bracket are included.

Other kinds of brackets:
  • Flush mount (for pits with no lip),
  • 2" offset (similar to the model described above but with less of an offset)
  • Flange style that lets you anchor the bracket in a permanent base and attach the posts directly.


SKU: PB108

SKU: PB108