Privacy Policy
SpitJack is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Statement sets forth our current privacy practices with regard to the information we collect when you or your computer interact with our website. Click or tap here to view our Privacy Statement.

Guarantees and Warranties
We want you to be happy with the products you purchase from us and your overall experience with SpitJack. If for any reason you are not, please contact us. In most cases we will arrange for a return or an exchange if you request it. We will inspect the returned merchandise and refund up to the full amount of your purchase..

Guarantees and warranties will vary from product to product based on many factors. If this information is not listed on the product page, please contact us and we will help you. Some guarantee and warranty servicing is done by us, some by the manufacturer.

Product Origin, Manufacturing and Sourcing
At SpitJack we prefer and favor local sourcing and manufacturing (first our town, then our state or region, then US). We will actively seek local vendors and manufacturers before looking at overseas options. Many times we have been successful in supporting local or US businesses and this is very satisfying for us. However in some cases, if we want to offer a competitive product at a competitive price, we end up overseas. Sometimes it is the unique nature of the product (fireplace rotisseries), other times it is a price point offered from other economies that forces the decision. Wherever the source, we will always thoroughly evaluate and test the products and hold each to our high standards before we offer it for sale.