Ever thought about using a body bag to help cook a whole pig? Didn't think so. Cooking a whole animal is impressive, but it's also a huge challenge. It's nearly impossible to pull it off by yourself.

It requires the right tools, a lot of patience, some good friends and maybe a case of beer or two. We can't provide everything you'll need (the pig and the beer), but we can provide you with the tools that'll make the process a lot easier. Some of our products you simply can't find in stores, and some you've probably never considered using but just make a heck of a lot of sense - like using a body bag for storage, protection, curing and easy transport. It's cleaner and a lot easier to manage than a flimsy tarp or cheap trash bags.

So, if you're ready to take on the challenge of cooking a whole animal, grab your friends and some brews and check out the tools we offer that'll make the process easier, safer, tastier, and more fun! Our store opened with just one product line - the fireplace rotisserie. Since then we have expanded our catalog to include other rotisserie systems that use natural fuel. Our latest addition - a line of whole animal rotisseries - is designed and manufactured by SpitJack and is the most powerful backyard rotisserie you can buy.
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