Our product catalog is the result of a process of research, testing, feedback and marketplace demands. We try to provide as much information about each product as possible in order to help you make a buying decision or to help you with the use or operation of the product. There are a few ways to find and view a product on our site; the "Products" navigation link (at the top of all pages), the home page, category (collection) page listings, search results, and the product display page. The product display page (you can get to it by clicking on the product image or product title link) is where you will find most of the information:

  • Description - general information about the products
  • Specifications - anything from product code to dimensions, power, capacity, etc.
  • Attributes - any added or related parts or equipment that are specifically built to work directly with the product or any part that is available
  • Related Products - These are products that are complimentary and have purchased along with the selected product
  • Documentation / Manuals - any manuals, instructions sheets, videos (instructional), sounds, etc.
  • Customer Reviews - a listing of customer reviews and a place to write a review to be submitted
  • Gallery - any additional pictures will be posted as thumbnail images to the left of the main product image. Click on the thumbnail and it will replace the main image
  • Video - If there is any video of the selected product it will be displayed along with the secondary images. Clicking on the video thumbnail image will cause the video to display and start playing.

Of course, you are always welcome to call in and speak with a customer service rep about any of our products.