This is a heavy duty rotisserie motor (40W) for turning a rotisserie spit roast. This is the same rotisserie motor we use in our XB75 and CXB75 models It can turn up to 75 lbs. of a balanced load. The motor comes with a spit coupling (7/8" inside diameter) and lock pin, a post collar and stainless steel motor housing.

The HD75 rotisserie motor is rated at 75 lbs. maximum load. If you think you might be close to the limit or may go over, please call us and we can give you advice and options. We have sold these spit motors for over 10 years and have done extensive testing. We wish we could say it could turn more weight, but this is what we feel is a reasonable limit (considering the variations in each event).

Note: Our competitors make false claims about similar looking rotisserie motors. Their motors are only 25W or less and our tests show that motor is only able to handle 50 lbs. or less. Don't believe claims about 125 lb. capability or more! Their smaller machines only have a 15W motor.

  • Heavy-duty grounded power cord
  • Engineered specifically for whole animal rotisserie spit
  • On-off switch
  • Stainless steel motor casing with post sleeve adapter
  • Steel spit coupler with lock pin
  • Stainless steel spit support bracket
  • One year guarantee
  • Support post kits available
  • Spits available

Great for spit roasting pigs, hogs, lamb, goat, turkey.


  • 40 watt gear reduction rotisserie spit motor
  • 6 RPM
  • Maximum load (balanced) - 75 lbs
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Accepts 7/8 inch OD spit rod, pipe or tube (hole needed for coupling)


SKU: RM101