These motors have slight cosmetic damage (small dents) that do not affect operation.

If you are building your own rotisserie system and need a motor to be able to handle up to 175 lbs., this is the motor for you. Strong enough to do all that weight (and probably more) and built to last years beyond the one year guarantee. This is the same motor used in our XB125 rotisserie system that has been used by chefs and caterers for years.It integrates with our 72" spit (if you choose that coupler option) and our support post and remote bracket set if you need other parts for your system. Different coupler options are available for 7/8" OD solid or 1" OD solid spits.

  • Keyed drive shaft for more secure and longer performance
  • Custom machined stainless motor coupling (coupling options for different size spits)
  • Rotor bearings enhanced spit support bracket decreases wear on spit and motor
  • Built in support post sleeve gives easy option for pit integration.
  • Stainless steel case is water and dent resistant.
  • External power switch
  • Internal fan for continuous cooling
  • One year warranty


SKU: RM118

SKU: RM118