This needle is meant as a replacement part for our Magnum, 4 oz. Short, and SQUIRT injectors. For the Magnum and 4 oz Short, you will need our adapter set as well. This needle is a "Luer Lock" design which means that the end of the needle has a standard configuration that can be used with any Luer Lock hub or port. Luer Lock needles come in many sizes and variations (they are widely used in the medical and veterinary inductries). Some injectors (such as our SQUIRT) have a Luer Lock port already installed.

If you already have a Magnum or 4 Oz. Short Injector click here to see the adapter option.



  • 3 inches long
  • 1/8 inch (12 ga.) OD
  • 2 Pack of needles

SKU: MJ116

SKU: MJ116