This addition to our Meat Injection System makes it easy to use your heavy-duty injection tool for smaller cuts of meat like steaks, chicken breasts, and fish fillets. The smaller opening width and tip length make it more practical and give you greater injection control. This needle can also be used for detail work on smaller areas on larger cuts.

This needle is a three-part assembly that uses a Luer Lock adapter. This allows a Luer Lock needle to be used. Luer lock needles of different sizes can be purchased from veterinarian supply stores.

This needle option was created as a response to the need for a thinner needle to leave less of a noticeable hole in competition meat cuts such as brisket. It requires a two-piece adapter (included) to work with our Magnum
or 4 oz. Short models.

Note: If you are buying this for a product that is not from SpitJack but looks similar, we cannot guarantee it will fit properly.

Guaranteed for one year.

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  • 3" L (needle)
  • Open tip
  • Two-part adapter assembly
  • Fits Luer Lock needles
  • Fits Magnum and PULSE
  • Stainless steel construction

SKU: MJ111

SKU: MJ111