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If you've ever pulled hot pork you know how nice it would be to able to do it comfortably (without burning your fingers). Heavy neoprene gloves or mittens are one possibility, but they are clumsy and hard to feel through.

The best solution we found was a double layered neoprene over latex glove with an optional cotton liner as extra protection. This provides protection against not only the heat, but also against any fat or grease penetration.

One size fits all (L-XL mens) for both outer glove and liner.

  • 28 mil. thick!
  • 12' long, flock lined for comfort and ease of use
  • Neoprene coating protects form grease and other agents
  • Recessed-diamond grip pattern provides positive non-slip grip
  • Washable, removable cotton liners absorb perspiration


SKU: GL102

SKU: GL102