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These safety fireplace, stove, hearth, and barbecue gloves are designed for protection from the high temperatures of stoves, fireplaces and hot objects or utensils. This glove will effectively shield hands from temporary exposure to hot objects or searing radiant heat. Only choice heavy-duty split cowhide is used for the outer shell.

Inside is a heavy felt layer that covers all parts of your hand, from the fingertips down to the bottom of the cuff (most competitors only have a thinner or partial felt lining) giving you extra protection and a luxurious feel at the same time.

This premium style glove matches the features on virtually any of our competitors but at a much better price. 

One size fis all (men's L-XL).

Note: While these gloves are designed to provide protection against heat and hot objects, they are NOT fireproof. They are made of leather and will ignite if kept in prolonged contact with an open flame.


SKU: GL105

SKU: GL105