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If you will be spit roasting a larger whole animal (pig, lamb, goat) than this is a necessity. It not only provides the best way to secure the meat and keep it from "flopping", but it allow you to tighten it up whenever you need to. When securing a whole animal on a spit, you have to secure both the ends (the heavy parts like the shoulders and legs) and the middle.

The middle is the hollow cavity of the animal and there is very little contact with the spit. This can cause the middle section to flop out of sync with the turning of the more secured parts of the animal. The u-bolts bind the spit directly and tightly to the backbone of the animal and prevents any extra movement.

The trussing u-bolts also come in handy when the fitting loosens up as it always does during cooking. It can be easily tightened using the wing nuts and washer plate. Sharp points allow for easy insertion and puncturing of the skin.

Available in two sizes, 6" and 8". 6" is sufficient for most animals up to 100lbs. We suggest getting (at least) two if your animal is over 50 lbs.


  • Length - 5.5"
  • Width - 1.8"

SKU: FT135

SKU: FT135