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The SpitJack Grill is a portable cooking device designed for outdoor use, particularly during camping, picnics, hiking, and other recreational activities. It allows campers and outdoor enthusiasts to cook food efficiently and enjoy hot meals away from traditional kitchen facilities.

The hallmark feature of a camping grill is its portability. The SpitJack fireplace grill is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and transport.

Depending on the model and design, a fireplace grill must use various fuel sources. The SpitJack fireplace grill can be used over cordwood embers or charcoal.

Materials and construction are also important when choosing a fire grill. Stainless steel will hold up best over time, resist rusting, and is easy to clean.

The SpitJack Gridiron provides a convenient and efficient way to prepare a variety of food in an indoor or outdoor fireplace, campsite, on the beach, or wherever you may travel, greatly extending your grilling options.

  • DURABILITY: All stainless steel construction and 1/4-inch thick grill rods will not warp, burn through, or rust out with normal use.
  • PORTABILITY: This camping and fireplace grill and can be assembled or disassembled in minutes without the need for tools
  • MANY NAMES: Tuscan grill, fireplace grill, camping grill, Argentine grill, parrilla hierro, fire cooking grate, parrillas para asador de carbon
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: The long handles let you move the grill around without getting close to the fire. The wooden handles will stay cool and let you cook comfortably.
  • HEAVY-DUTY ALL STAINLESS STEEL: ¼-inch thick grill rods retain more heat and cook better. ¾ inch wide legs and frame will not break down or burn out and can withstand the intense heat of a live campfire.
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