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• WILL NOT BREAK: Our improved needles are twice the thickness of our competitors and are secured into a commercial-grade hub for a stronger connection to the barrel. The barrel is made from unbreakable and food-grade Tritan (TM) plastic. The injector frame pivot screw is secured with a nylon insert locknut to ensure proper alignment and consistent operation. We are the only injector in this class with these advanced features.
• WILL NOT LEAK: Our new threaded needle hub, barrel nut design, and silicone o-ring, ensure a water-tight fit and prevent common leakage problems. The adjustable plunger gasket tension control eliminates suction issues that can cause unwanted needle drip.
• ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT AND SAFETY: The ergonomic squeeze-handle design is safer and easier to operate than the popular, less expensive syringe style. Custom padded, non-slip poly sleeves enable prolonged use without fatigue. The injector chamber is made from consumer-rated food-grade plastic. Our sturdy storage case will keep the sharp needles safe and secure
• COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTIONS AND SUPPORT: A full-color 16-page user guide with illustrations and usage tips is included. A recipe ebook is also available with extended meat injection information and a collection of recipes for brines, marinades, and fillings.
• SPITJACK QUALITY AND ASSURANCE: SpitJack has been designing, selling, and servicing commercial-grade premium meat injectors since 2006. It is the injector of choice for home BBQ enthusiasts, competition barbecue teams, and professional chefs worldwide.


The PULSE is the newest addition to the SpitJack line of premium meat injectors. It was engineered using some of the advanced features of our Magnum injector line and designed to be made available at a competitive price.

We have written an extensive user manual and are currently developing a companion book of injection marinade recipes.

The SpitJack PULSE User Guide - view and download

The recipe book will also include an extended discussion about meat injection, brines, and related topics like umami and glutamates. Here is a draft of the first version. More to come soon. Check back weekly for updates.

Meat Injection: A simple guide with recipes

We are always available to answer any questions you might have or discuss any issues that come up with your injector. Let us know how you're doing. We love to talk food.

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