This trussing needle bundle can be used to stitch up the belly flaps of a whole pig, lamb, goat or turkey after it is spitted. It can also be used to tie down the ears or secure the feet.

This bundle includes 185 feet of butcher's twine, a 7" long trussing needle with a extra-sharp and flattened tip for easier use and maneuverability, and a pair of scissors for trimming the twine, securing the string and managing storage.

The needle is made of food grade stainless and has an extra wide "eye" to accommodate heavy twine or wire.

Butchers Twine is a must-have when it comes to cooking supplies, brining supplies, sausage smoking, and other food preparation needs. Use butchers twine / cooking twine / baking twine as roast string, trussing a chicken or turkey, bacon cotton for wrapped meats, sausage string, or for crowning a roast of pork!

Chef tested and made from all natural cotton, our multi-ply baking cooking butchers twine will be an essential tool in your kitchen. Please note that this product is not intended to be used with direct exposure to flame, as this can cause the string to burn.

SKU: KW108