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The SpitJack Deluxe Chef's Knife Is a limited edition collector's item that you will want to use as your everyday knife. It was custom designed by Spitjack for performance, sharpness, durability, and not least of all appearance. 

The core is VG10 steel - one of the hardest and most durable (it won't get dull) steels on the market. It has a veneer (mostly for show, we admit) of 57 layers of Damascus (pattern welded) stainless steel in a saw-tooth feather pattern that makes it look elegant and badass at the same time. It has a full-tang, forged blade for maximum strength.

The handle is made from durable resin embedded with carbon-fiber shards and flecks of real copper. There are three rivets, one a "mosaic pin". 

It comes beautifully packaged in a gift box and includes a plastic protective sheath so you can store it just about anywhere. Sharpening might take a little more effort with the VG10 steel, but you won't be doing it very often. Touch it up with a sharpening hone should be all you need for months of regular use.

SKU: KW145