This needle is a large, heavy-duty model with an extra wide opening. The opening size is 1/4" and the full width of the needle is 3/8". The wide opening of this needle allows you to inject larger particles into your meat. If you are considering this because smaller needles you have used clogged easily, look at our smaller 1/4" needle (1/8" opening). It is over twice the width of most other needles and can handle most small particles in marinades.

This needle is an optional accessory that is not included with the purchase of our Magnum MJ102, MJ103, or MJ104. This is the correct product if you need this as an addition for any of those models. It is included in the MJ105, MJ106, and MJ135.

If you are buying this for a product that is not from SpitJack but looks similar, we cannot guarantee it will fit properly.

It is guaranteed for one year.


  • The length of the needle is 5 1/2"
  • The opening size is 1/4" and
  • The total width of the needle is 3/8".

SKU: MJ203

SKU: MJ203