This needle has an oversized 1/8" opening that is pretty forgiving when it comes to small particles or heavy (fat-based) marinades. Also, the wall thickness is very heavy, and this needle is virtually unbreakable!

This is one of the needles that come with the purchase of our Magnum MJ102, MJ103, MJ104, MJ106, MJ135, and PULSE. If you need a replacement for either of those models, this is the correct product.

Note: If you are buying this for a product that is not from SpitJack but looks similar, we cannot guarantee it will fit properly.

Guaranteed for one year.


  • 5.5" L (needle)
  • Open tip slanted
  • Fits Magnum PULSE injectors.
  • Stainless steel

SKU: MJ201

SKU: MJ201