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11" Deluxe Slicer

The SpitJack Competition/Chefs Series 11" Meat Slicing Knife is a premium grade knife designed specifically for slicing smoked beef brisket, roast turkey, ham, BBQ ribs, smoked salmon, and more. It is a beautifully finished blade that can be used for carving holiday roasts or to give precise cuts for competition barbecue. It has a "Granton" blade that helps keep the meat from sticking to the blade while slicing. Packaged in a custom box (that also is great for storage), this knife makes a great gift for any home cook or aspiring chef.

6" Boning Knife

Trimming meat can as important as cooking it, especially if you are cooking a brisket or pork shoulder. As always, the right tool makes the job easier and the results better. This is the knife used by the top BBQ chefs for trimming fat and boning meat. It is the right shape, length, thickness, and flexibility. 

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