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If you have a question or need more information about the product you ordered, please find it below and click to go to that product's detail page. There you will find more detailed information such as manuals, videos, and specifications. Just look for the set of tabs below the product picture.

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Walmart will be sending you an email about writing a review!  However, you don't need to wait for their email - here's how you can leave a review right now:

Option 1
- Go to the Walmart page for this product
- Scroll down to where customer reviews are listed
- Click write a review
- Follow the instructions on the next page or screen
Option 2
- A few weeks after you order an item from us,
- Walmart will send you an email inviting you to review it.
- Use the link provided in the email to leave a review
Option 3
- Sign in to Your Account on Walamrt.com
- Click on the order number for the product you want to review
- On the order detail page, use the "Review this product" link under the item name
- That will take you to where you can leave us a review.


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