There's something about smoked food that is attractive, intriguing, exciting, irresistible, and satisfying. But exactly what, is hard to nail down. We don't "taste" smoke. There are no receptors for smoke on our tongue as there are for sweet salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Smoke is not a mouth "sensation" either, such as fatty, pungent (hot) or astringent (tannic). It is, instead, a combination of "smells" triggered by chemical compounds that are created when wood is burned.

If the smoke (gases and microscopic particles from the burning wood) come in contact with food they can get absorbed by it or deposited on the surface. When we eat, we experience the smoke as a part of the overall flavor profile of what we are eating. There are arguments concerning the health of eating food covered with the by-products of combustion, but most everyone will agree on this - smoked food is delicious.

When Aaron Franklin smokes a beef brisket, he is very particular about what wood is used and more importantly, what type of smoke is created from it. The wispy, barely visible "blue" smoke (not the grey, puffy clouds from incomplete combustion), is what is sought after by him, most top barbecue chefs and quality commercial smokehouses to flavor their meat. This creates a deeper yet more subtle smoke flavor that integrates but does not dominate other tastes and flavors present in the final product.

The ingredients in our smoked rubs are prepared in this way, using natural wood smoke to flavor salt, spices and dried herbs. Some of these ingredients "take" smoke very well and can impart a strong smoke flavor. Some are enhanced and transformed when treated with smoke. When used together, they impart a smoke flavor profile that is unique, and enjoyable. We take in all of these factors when testing and choosing our ingredients and creating our formulations.

Finally, we consider the target - the meat it will be applied to. Some meats need more pepper, some less salt, some go well with herbs, some will be improved with a little sugar. It sounds complicated (and it is) but no worries, we have figured it all out and all you need to do is apply it, cook it and enjoy it.

SpitJack smoked rubs are premium quality seasoning blends using all natural ingredients (including the smoke). They are made locally and in frequent small batches for freshness and quality control. 


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