Securing a whole animal to a spit is not a simple or easy task. These oversized hose clamps make the job easier and provide a way to keep your trussing tight. These worm gear hose clamps are specially designed to give a wide range of service. They come in 2 sizes (you get 3 of each) and can handle any diameter of meat from 3" up to over 2 feet.

  • You can tighten them with any driver and do so at any time during the cook.
  • They are made of food grade stainless steel
  • You can wash and reuse them
  • Three 5" and three 9" clamps included.
  • Each will tighten to a 2" diameter

Note: these are very useful as a secondary method, but usually will not be enough for a total job of securing the meat. For that you will have to lash the spit to the backbone and that requires stitching with our trussing needles or U-bolts and secure the legs and fore quarters with forks or pins.


  • Maximum inside diameter of small clamps: 5 inches
  • Maximum inside diameter of large clamps: 9 inches

SKU: FT126

SKU: FT126