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This trussing needle is used to help fasten a whole animal to a rotisserie spit. For solid pieces of meat (a roast, or smaller birds)spit forks are adequate. But if you are using a large whole animal, whether it is a 25 lb. lamb or a 150 lb. hog, forks, no matter how big, won't do the job.

You need to lash the backbone of the animal tightly to the spit in order to assure steady, safe, and even cooking. The right tool here is essential. You need something sharp enough and strong enough to penetrate though all the layers of skin, muscle and connective tissue many times and you need it to be designed to do the job easily and correctly.

Our trussing needle is 12" of food-grade stainless steel with an oversized hole at its sharpened tip. It has a dishwasher safe polyvinyl handle and was designed for this kind of job. We also offer the needle included in our TRUSSING KIT with butcher's twine and special prep gloves or our COMPLETE TRUSSING KIT with everything you need to truss a whole animal to a spit.


Needle length - 12"

Overall length - 14"

SKU: FT125


Click here for directions on how to truss a whole pig onto a spit (old style needle in illustrations)...


SKU: FT125