Roast Turkey - Keeping it Safe

Bad bacteria (Salmonella)
At some point in history, home cooks were told they need to rinse their raw bird, in order to “wash” the salmonella bacteria off. This actually has the opposite effect. Rinsing raw turkeys can spread the bacteria all over the bird, into the sink and wherever water splatters around the kitchen. The only reason to rinse a turkey in the sink is if the turkey was brined at home. 

Undercooked Stuffing?
A few years ago, reports came out urging cooks to not stuff their turkeys. If you fill your turkey with the traditional bread stuffing, you run the risk of the mixture not reaching the proper temperature in time. And eating it might cause food poisoning. Many people have strong opinions on whether this is true or a myth. There is a chance that the stuffing mixture will not reach the proper temperature during the standard cooking time, so it is important to monitor its temperature prior to eating. Product Link