Now it may seem a bit fussy and some might say that it isn't necessary at all, but basting a whole hog while its cooking is a crucial part of the effort (if you want the best results, that is).

The extraordinary long cooking time can dry out the skin and make it crack open, exposing the meat before the cooking is finished. To avoid this, its a good idea to keep the skin well lubricated all throughout the cooking. This will also help in getting the skin crisp towards the end. The mop is also useful for cleaning up any "junk" that may drip out while cooking and ruin the nice shiny appearance of your hog.

  • Custom designed mop head (6 oz., 8 ply, lint-free twine)
  • Removable, replaceable, washable, reusable mop head
  • Cap with hanging/storage loop
  • Ideal length (30") for basting a whole hog.

If you are cooking something without heavy skin (i.e. lamb, goat, turkey, whole fish), the mop is just as important in keeping it moist and clean as well as adding subtle flavorings (if you choose to spice up your basting liquid or the mop.

Mop length - 30"


SKU: AC111


SKU: AC111