This trussing needle bundle can be used to stitch up the belly flaps of a whole pig, lamb, goat or turkey after it is spitted. It can also be used to tie down the ears or secure the feet.

This bundle includes 185 feet of butcher's twine and a 7" long trussing needle with a extra-sharp and flattened tip for easier use and maneuverability.

It is made of food grade stainless and has an extra wide "eye" to accommodate heavy twine or wire.

With our digital thermometer, you can eliminate the guesswork: undercooked meat and food is a thing of the past. With the accurate and quick read SpitJack digital meat thermometer, you’ll cook like a pro with this food thermometer every time. Use it as a meat thermometer, candy thermometer, with bbq, turkey, bread, drinks, and more!

Expect more from your digital meat and kitchen thermometer:

Water Resistant & Ease to Use 
We wanted the SpitJack digital thermometer to be optimized for those who are passionate about cooking. Now with a waterproof thermometer you need minimum time to clean!

Big Clear Backlight Screen 
Big (1.75”) & clear LCD display with backlight lets you see clearly while cooking in the evening, indoor or outdoors.

Magnetic Back 
This kitchen food thermometer is extremely convenient. You can store it almost anywhere and it will be always at hand. Thanks to the built-in magnet, you can store it on the refrigerator, cooker hood, magnetic knife holder or any other metal surface. Large hanging hole makes it compatible with kitchen hooks. BBQ thermometer folding design allows easy storage in kitchen drawers.

Auto Shut-Off 
Never worry about the thermometer battery life! Our digital meat thermometer automatically shuts off.

SKU: AC132