If you've ever cooked (or are planning to cook) a whole pig, goat, lamb or hog, you know that securing it to the spit can take so long that you have to do it the night before. That leaves the challenge of what to do with your "spitted" animal until the cooking starts. Well, here is the answer - a storage bag that's big enough and strong enough to hold your whole setup.

This plastic pouch is over 90" long and will hold up to 300 lbs. It's double lined with food-safe plastic for strength and to prevent leakage. So now you can throw the whole animal, spit and all, some ice and some marinade if you like and let it sit safe and protected all night. It you need to carry it somewhere, it comes with 6 handles attached for easy transport. A C-style zipper makes access in and out easy. OK, this is actually a real body bag, but it happens to be the best tool for the job. Certainly will give you something to talk about too!

  • Remains flexible to 70 degrees F. (-57 degrees C.) so that it can be used in winter environments or coolers without fear of the material cracking.
  • Electronic heat-sealed construction to comply with OSHA regulations.
  • 2 layers of 3-mil polyethylene film laminated to 1000 denier scrim reinforcement material (equiv strength to 12 mil vinyl).
  • Environmentally EPA compliant.
  • No vinyl material used in manufacturing - complies with EPA burn restrictions involving the release of chlorine gas thereby eliminating the disposal problems associated with vinyl materials.
  • Adhesive tape backed reinforced zipper to minimize possible "zipper tear-out" during handling and transport
  • Dual zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing bag
  • Available in "envelope" style easy access zipper opening.
  • Dimensions: 39" x 96"
  • Capacity:  up to 400 lbs.



SKU: AC107

SKU: AC107