The SpitJack XB125-BK whole animal rotisserie is a commercial grade pig, hog, lamb and beef rotisserie system. It has a 120 watt 4 RPM motor (3X the power of our CXB75 system), and heavy duty support posts and bases (11 gauge steel) to give it the heft to not only be able to take on 125 lbs., but to do it on a regular basis.

We built this model with the restaurant chef or professional caterer in mind but it will work just the same as part of a regular backyard battery. The XB125-BK is big (72" long spit), rugged (heavy gauge metal), powerful (it can handle up to 125 lbs. of meat), durable (all parts are either food-grade stainless or hi-temp, powder coated paint), well designed (professionally engineered), well built (made in the USA), adjustable, portable, well-accessorized, guaranteed and personally supported.

Essential Trussing Hardware & Accessory Package (over $160 value):

  1. Spit pins (10", 12") to secure the legs and shoulders to the spit ($18 value)
  2. Clamp set (2 large, 2 small) to truss the legs to the spit and to keep the large parts of the animal intact ($22 value)
  3. Dual thermometer (2) to read the internal AND external temperature while cooking ($22 value)
  4. Pulling glove sets (2) to handle and process the hot meat after cooking ($13 value)
  5. Heavy duty spit forks (2) to secure the back legs and shoulders ($34 value)
  6. Custom spit cleaning brush to clean the inside of the spit after use($10 value)
  7. Trussing needle (6") for use with the butcher's twine to sew up the belly, secure the ears, etc. ($7 value)
  8. Stainless trussing u-bolt (2) to bind the spit securely to spine (center) of the animal ($28 value)
  9. Ball of butcher's twine ($7 value)

It is a challenging endeavor to cook meat this big and you not only need the right equipment, but the right advice and support. This is a very important event and a lot depends on the success of your cooking efforts. Spitjack offers everything you will need to get it done right by providing the right tools, accessories, and instruction.

  • Super heavy duty 120 watt 4 RPM fan-cooled 110V motor with switch and housing - Note: our competitors use only a 25watt motor to make the same claims
  • 72 inch, two-part 304 stainless spit with a food-safe bearing system to reduce motor wear
  • Adjustable (6-22 inches) heavy-duty steel base units with quick release hardware
  • Portable - comes apart easily to fit in the trunk of a car
  • Bonus hardware and accessory package ($160+ value) to keep the meat from "flopping" while cooking
  • One year warranty with SpitJack customer service and consulting included

It's a lot of work to cook a whole animal on a rotisserie, but it's a lot of fun too. SpitJack makes the work easier, takes out the worry and guessing, and lets you enjoy the feast. You will feel great as you see the meat slowly cook while you tend the fire and your guests will be blown away when they see and taste the results.


  • Base footprint: 21inches x 14.5 inches
  • Total rotisserie foot print: 84 inches x 20 inches
  • Usable Spit langth: 66.75inches
  • Total spit length: 72 inches
  • C Channel post dimension: 24 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch
  • Motor housing dimensions: 8.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 5.25 inches
  • XB 85 spit forks: 1 inch inside diameter, (2) 7 inch tynes that are 4.5 inches apart
  • Motor cord: 51 inches long

SKU: RT104


Click here for the XB125 user guide only

Click here for a zip file containing all of our XB125 documents

SKU: RT104