The SpitJack CXB75 ALL STAINLESS STEEL whole lamb, pig & goat rotisserie system is now available. This unique machine has been specifically engineered and tested to spit roast whole animals up to 75 lbs. easily and safely. Designed to be used on the ground, over an open fire, the CXB75 system is now the most economical way to spit roast medium weight whole animals or larger cuts of meat.

This new upgraded model has a high quality motor that can turn up to 75 lbs. (honestly). Some of our competitors claims are false and misleading. This is a 40W motor - theirs is a 25W motor. We've sold a lot of motors after 12 years in business and we never saw a small 25W motor do more than 50 lbs.

The CXB75 is perfect for anyone (from professional caterers to the regular backyard cook) who wants to roast meat the old fashioned way - spinning it over a fire, close to the ground, and taking the right amount of time to do it.

The CXB75 is also available as an add-on to La Caja China and similar boxes (CJC75) or as an attachment to your custom pit (please call for more information).

Essential trussing hardware package worth over $130.00 included! - To make sure you don't have any "flopping" during the cook

  • Strong 40W motor - can handle up to 75 lbs. of a balanced load
  • LONGER Food-grade, 2 part stainless steel spit (7/8" outside diameter) (spit length 59")
  • Safe for food - Everything that touches the food is stainless steel
  • Adjustable - raise or lower the entire spit and motor assembly two different ways from 8" - 22"
  • Portable - easy to assemble & take apart -  the entire unit can fit in the trunk of your car
  • Adaptable - can plug into any household outlet but also runs off your car battery (with with optional inverter)
  • Guaranteed to perform as promised - and a one year limited warranty on parts
  • Optional accessories available


Spit length - 60"

SKU: RT101


Click here for the user manual for the CXB75

Click here for a zip file containing all of our CXB75 documents

SKU: RT101