The origin of wrapping meat for smoking in pink or peach butcher paper is uncertain, but credit for the modern trend is usually given to Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. In his videos and books, Aaron Franklin (who is the current king of smoked brisket) demonstrates how to cook BBQ brisket by wrapping it in butcher paper, AFTER the stall. It is a key procedure of his method. We have used his technique many times, not only for brisket, but for ribs and beef as well. In fact, the paper we use comes from the same American supplier. We recommend reading Aaron's book before your next smoked BBQ cook. Included in this product are 24 sheets of FDA approved, food-grade butcher paper, each 16 inches by 30 inches (enough for 12 briskets). If you lay them side by side with a 2 inch overlap, it gives you a 30 x 30 square which is the perfect size for wrapping a full packer brisket or rack of ribs. For other meats, you can easily cut away to create the size paper you need. You also get a detailed instruction sheet on how to wrap and cook a brisket using the paper. Cooking smoked BBQ (especially brisket) isn't easy. Wrapping it in butcher paper helps insure your meat will be tender, juicy and flavorful. It takes a little patience and practice, but before you know it, you will be impressing friends and family with YOUR world-class barbecue.
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