If you are doing any kind of live-fire cooking, burns and sometimes serious burns are a very real possibility. Even if you use the best practice safety precautions, accidents can happen. So just in case, you want to be prepared by having some burn dressing on hand. This burn kit contains the Sterile Burn Dressings that quickly ease the pain of burns and help stop the burn progression. Each kit also contains two kinds of Pain Relieving Gel.

When medical assistance is not immediately available, using BURNFREE dressings helps the burn area to remain moist for many hours. Utilizing this system also provides physical protection to the burn against further damage and contamination.

The smaller dressings are ideal for hands and fingers. The larger dressings are large enough to receive and treat a foot, arm, or leg. BURNFREE dressings can be used in the following way: Remove the dressing from the package and apply directly to the wound. Secure lightly. Sterile Burn Dressings can be used to reduce the pain and trauma of wounds from fires, flames, scalds, chemical, and electrical injuries.

BURNFREE Personal Burn Kit Contents:

  • 1- 2x6 pad,
  • 1- 4x4 pad,
  • 1- 2oz Bottle Pain Relieving Gel,
  • 3- 3.5 gram Pain Relieving Gel,
  • 1� Box w/built-in closure


SKU: AC110

SKU: AC110