To keep your food from spinning on the spit you need to rig it securely. By tightly lashing the backbone directly to the spit, you help ensure it will not "flop" during cooking (which can be over 12 hours). The smaller needle is used to stitch up the belly and tidy any other loose ends.

If you want to go old school, use this trussing needle kit. It's a challenging but satisfying project to loop the string around the spine and the spit (see below for instructions) It is also very useful as a general butcher's tool, or whenever stitching meat is called for.

However, we now recommend using our trussing u-bolt (included) for almost all whole animals. They are far easier to install and more effective in the long run (stitching can loosen after a while). You still need the small needle to close up the belly though.

Our trussing kit consists of (over $45 value):

  • 1 heavy-duty stainless steel "beef" needle with poly (dishwasher safe) handle (12")
  • 1 7" stainless trussing needle (for stitching of the belly)
  • 1 ball of authentic butchers twine
  • 2 pairs of heavy (6 mil.) nitrile prep gloves with long cuffs
  • 1 6" u-bolt for securing the backbone to the spit


SKU: FT124

SKU: FT124