This BBQ basting mop allows you to assemble three different lengths to suit your specific cooking needs. With three extension poles that screw directly into each other or the mop head directly, you can choose to have a 12", 24", or 36" inch basting mop. This lets you customize this tool for either an oven roast or a large whole animal rotisserie.

Now it may seem a bit fussy and some might say that it isn't necessary at all, but basting a whole hog while its cooking is an important part of the effort.

Basting (with fat, not water-based liquid) will also help in getting the skin crisp towards the end. The mop is also useful for cleaning up any "junk" that may drip out while cooking and ruin the nice shiny appearance of your hog.

  • Custom designed mop head (6 oz., 8 ply, lint-free twine)
  • Removable, replaceable, washable, reusable mop head
  • Three piece customizable lengths

If you are cooking something without heavy skin (i.e. lamb, goat, turkey, whole fish), the mop is just as important in keeping it moist and clean as well as adding subtle flavorings (if you choose to spice up your basting liquid or the mop.

The mop head is made of cotton strands and is reusable. Hand-washing recommended. The handle is made from coated wood and plastic.


SKU: AC130
SKU: AC130