This is used in our XB150 rotisserie package. It is made from 1" (inside dimension) 304 (food grade) stainless steel pipe and is machined to our specifications. There is a hole (3/8") drilled at each end for attaching the spit extensions that come with this model.

The spit extensions are 10" pieces of 3/4" (ID) (1.05" OD) pipe that sleeve into the main spit on each end to both give it extra length and to step the fitting size down so it can accept our motor couplers and other accessories. The extensions are also adjustable to 3 different lengths (78", 80", 82") to give you more options for total spit length. There are holes every 4 inches in the main spit sections for use with our spit pin trussing bolts.

Note: If you are building your own rotisserie system around this spit. Since this is technically "pipe" and not "tube" the dimensions are not exact (nominal). Different brands of steel and different batches of pipe may differ slightly and cause things not to fit as expected. In addition there is a weld seam in each pipe which may need to be reduced to fit into your system.


  • Length: 78", 80", 82" (adjustable with extensions)
  • Outside dimension: 1.35"
  • Inside dimension - 1"
  • Material - 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity - up to 175 lbs. balanced load

SKU: RS102

SKU: RS102