The SpitJack Portable Tuscan Camping and Fireplace Grill might just be the most practical and affordable utility grill available. It is compact, easy to transport and store, heavy duty (but still lightweight), carefree (304 stainless steel throughout) and designed to be used just about anywhere.

Whether you are camping, on the beach or cooking in your fireplace, this is the easiest grill to use. It's handle is removable so it can fit in tight fireboxes or even your pizza oven. Made of wood, this handle will never get too hot and is extra long so you can grip it with 2 hands.

  • Compact design
  • All stainless steel (food safe)
  • Removable stay-cool wooden handle
  • Heavy grill rods
  • One year guarantee


  • Grill - 14 x 16"
  • Leg height 4.5"
  • Overall depth - 21"
  • Handle length - 9"

SKU: GR100


SKU: GR100