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The CharCone is a versatile product that can perform many useful functions. Designed primarily to make biochar (charcoal) it can also be used as a grill, fire pit, and smokeless burn barrel. It follows a functional design that has been used for over 1,000 years and refined by modern research and technology. Making charcoal to enrich the soil and to address the climate crisis (instead of making it for fuel) is not just a good idea, it is a global imperative. The CharCone enables almost anyone to participate in the solution of a massively complex problem in a very simple, personal way.
  • Charcoal kiln - make charcoal as you burn your yard brush
  • Smokeless fire - simple technique eliminates nuisance smoke and neighbor complaints
  • Rim and safety shield - increases performance and prevents injury. Removable for use as a grill and ease of emptying
  • Grill ready - easily adaptable to any 22" Weber grill grate or accessory
  • Heavy-duty - 12 gauge (2.8mm thick) steel for the bowl - will last for years
  • Built-in drain - quickly drain quench water or hook up to a garden hose
  • Powder coated - high temp powder coating lets you leave it outdoors without rusting
  • Cover included - cover included to keep it dry
  • Easy assembly - just five total parts that assemble in minutes with standard household tools
  • Made in the USA - all except the cover and hardware
  • Two-year warranty - on everything

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SKU: CH100

SKU: CH100