SKU: CL100

**These liners come packaged 2 to a set

Made of ptfe-coated fiberglass and silicone, these reusable, dual-sided fry pan liners will create an instant non-stick finish for cookware made of any material, saving money, time and space! the liners are heat-resistant up to 500F and can be used with or without grease and liquids. They're excellent for effortlessly cooking a variety of dishes, from pancakes and eggs to vegetables and meats, all while staying in place as food is scrambled and tossed. To use, simply place the liner in a fry pan with the non-skid, silicone-finished side down. The pan can then be pre-heated and used as it normally would be without the liner. Once the cooking process is finished, the liner can easily be removed, washed and stored.