SpitJack - For Men Who Cook, Tools for Food and Fire. Tools and accessories for cooking with wood and charcoal. Fireplace cooking grills, whole pig, hog, & lamb rotisseries, barbecue smokers, fire pit cooking systems.
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Rotisserie Tools & Accessories
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The CharCone 24
Whole Animal Spit Roasting
Whole Animal Rotisseries
Rotisseries for Fireplace & Camping
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Indulgent Tools & Cookware for the Outdoors
Extravagant Tools & Cookware for the Outdoors
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SpitJack Electric Fireplace Rotisserie - Standard Package
Stainless Steel Drip Pan
Custom Copper Drip Pan
Spinning Triple Spit 1 - Stainless Steel
Larger Diameter Stainless Steel Spit
Hand Crank
Bellows/Poker - Wrought Iron - 48 inches
Classic Fireplace Toolset
Rope Design Iron Hearth Broom - 28 inches
Spinning Triple Spit 2
SpitJack Gift Certificate
Fireplace Crane with Brackets - 22 inches
S-Hooks (4)
Indoor! Grilling - 'Bring Those Outdoor Flavors Indoors'
How to Grill - The Complete Illustrated Book of BBQ Techniques
Wall Bracket - 4 Hook - Flat - 18 inches
Additional Shipping - $564
SOJOE Original Steel Fire Pit
Grizzly Spit Portable Rotisserie
Fire Pit Cover - 35 inches
Barbecue Rotisserie Trussing Needle Kit
Cast Iron Tuscan Grill
The Open-Hearth Cookbook - Recapturing the Flavor of Early America
The Fogotten Art of Building and Using a Brick Bake Oven
The Forgotten Art of Building a Good Fireplace
Four Prong Rotisserie Spit / Meat Forks
The Meat Buyer's Guide to Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork, Poultry & Game
Rotisserie Trussing Needle
Pork Pulling Glove System (2 pair sets)
Butcher's Meat Saw
Complete Hog, Pig, Lamb & Goat Trussing, Cooking and Meat Pulling Kit
Taylor Instant Read Thermometer - 1"
Thermometer Pig Pack Combo
The SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Gun
SpitJack Flavor Inoculator - Marinade Injection Tool - 4 oz. Short
MAC Mighty Santoku with Dimples - 6.5 inch
MAC Professional Chef's Knife with Dimples - 8.5 inch
MAC Santoku Cleaver - 6.5 inch
MAC Bread, Roast and Cake Layer Slicer - 10.5 inch
MAC Boning Knife - 6 inch
MAC - Classic Santoku Knife- 6.5 inch
Idahone V-Type Ceramic Rod Sharpener
Grizzly Spit Rotisserie Battery Operated Replacement Motor
800 Grit (Coarse) Ceramic Knife Sharpening Hone
The Barbecue Bible
Clam Opening Knife
Oyster Opening Knife
Fish Scaling and Prep Knife
Offset Serrated Bread/Sandwich Knife - 7 inch
The Grizzly Spit Battery Operated Rotisserie Combo Kit II
Firewood Storage Rack with Cover - 36 inch - 1/8 Cord
Full Cover for Woodhaven Firewood Storage Racks
Firewood Storage Rack with Cover - 48 inch - 1/4 Cord
Firewood Storage Rack with Cover - 60 inch- 1/4 Cord Plus
Firewood Storage Rack with Cover - 96 inch - 1/2 Cord
Firewood Storage Rack with Cover - 120 inch - 1/2 Cord
Firewood Storage Rack with Cover - 144 inch - 3/4 Cord
SoJoe Firepit Rotisserie Kit
Chestnut Knife
Offset Forged Serrated Bread Knife - 9.5 inches
Beer Can Chicken Roaster with Stainless Drip Pan
SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Replacement Barrel
Flat Rotisserie Grilling Basket
SpitJack Woodchopper and Anti-Vibration Gloves
P80 Rotisserie Motor
Whole Animal Rotisserie Stainless Spit Pins (2)
Storage & Transport Bag for the SpitJack Stainless Fireplace Grill
Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue
Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauces
Whole Hog, Pig & Lamb BBQ Basting Mop - Deluxe
Chestnut Roaster Pan (Short Handle)
Bear Paws Meat Handlers and Pork Pulling
Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design
Beer-Can Chicken (and 74 Other Offbeat Recipes)
Spit Cleaning Brush
Jaccard 'Simply Better' Meat Tenderizer
Backyard BBQ: The Art of Smokology
Home Sausage Making
P55 Motor 220V
Commercial Brine Pump and Meat Injection System
Meat Injector Replacement Needle - Open-Tip
Meat Injector Replacement Needle - EXTRA WIDE - 3/8 inch OD
Meat Injector Replacement Needle - Closed-Tip - Perforated Sides
Meat Injector Needle - 'Mini' - 3" x 1/8" with Adapter Set
Thermoworks Super-Fast Pocket Probe Thermometer RT600C
Planet Barbecue - 309 Recipes, 60 Countries
Custom Case for SpitJack Meat Injection Systems
Premium Whole Hog/Pig Storage Bag (Medium Weight)
Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way
Meat Stitching and Trussing Needle - 6 inch
Power Inverter - 400 Watt
MAC Chef Series 4" Paring Knife
SpitJack T-Shirt - Black
Heat Sheet Ceramic Pizza & Baking Stone
Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Forged Stainless Spatula
SpitJack Rotisserie Motor - SHD85
SpitJack CB25 Camping & Backyard Rotisserie
SpitJack CB35 Camping & Backyard Rotisserie
Rotisserie Turning Crank for the CB Series
Rotisserie Spit Forks Extra Large Stainless for 7/8 Inch Spit (pair)
Rotisserie Spit Leg Shackles for 7/8 inch, 1 inch or 1.3 inch Spits
Stainless Rotisserie Forks for 7/8 Inch Spit (pair)
Stainless Rotisserie Trussing U-Bolt - 6"
The SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Gun - Complete Kit with Case
Whole Animal Binding Clamp System
Dual Sensor Meat and Oven Thermometer
SpitJack Deluxe Fireplace - Barbecue Gloves FP
SpitJack Fireplace & BBQ Gloves
Long Handle Chestnut Roaster Pan
SpitJack Premium Hearth Gloves
Stainless Steel Rotisserie Spit - 7/8 inch OD - 60 inch (2 piece)
F Dick Brine Pump Replacement needle
Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages
The New England Clam Shack Cookbook
SpitJack Custom Knife Case
F. Dick Stainless Steel Fishbone Tweezers
Making Healthy Sausages
The Art of Making Fermented Sausages
XB85 Spit Roast Rotisserie System
SpitJack XB50 Lamb, Goat, & Whole Hog Rotisserie
Stainless Spit Roast Rotisserie Fork for 1 Inch Spit (one)
Stainless Spit Roast Rotisserie Fork for up to 1.275 Inch Spit (one)
Stainless Rotisserie Drip Pan -20 inch
Rotisserie Counterweight - 7/8 inch ID
XB150 Whole Animal Rotisserie System
Upsale Test
Hog Rotisserie Hand Crank for SpitJack XB85 & XB150
Spit Point for the SpitJack XB85 and XB150 Rotisseries
Spit Point for the SpitJack XB50, CXB55, CB35 and CB25 Rotisseries
Stainless Steel Rotisserie Spit - 7/8 inch OD - 48 inch
BurnFree Personal Burn Kit
SpitJack SQUIRT Meat & Marinade Injector
Adjustable Rotisserie Motor Post Kit
Stainless Steel Rotisserie Spit - 7/8 inch OD - 40 inch
Marinade Injector Needle Cleaning Brush
XB125 Spit Roast Rotsserie System
Whole Hog, Pig, Lamb Basting Mop
Meat Injector Needle - 'Mini' - 3" x 1/8"
XD150 Rotisserie Motor
SpitJack CXB55 Lamb, Goat, & Whole Hog Rotisserie
Steel Rotisserie Spit - 7/8 inch OD - 60 inch - 1 Piece
Custom Rotisserie Brackets - Offset
Stainless Double Rotisserie Spit Fork for 7/8 Inch Spit
SpitJack CXB55 Lamb, Goat, & Whole Hog Rotisserie without Motor
Replacement Gear box for 60W motor
Remote Support for XB series
Upgrade to XB150 Spit System
Custom Rotisserie Brackets - Flange - Stainless
Barrel Replacement fpor the SpitJack PULSE Meat Injector
Weston Knife Kit
Rotisserie Spit Bronze Sleeve Bearings - 1 inch - Pair
Mop Head Replacement for Deluxe Mop
The SpitJack Oxjack Whole Cow Rotisserie
Post Brackets - Flush Mount - Stainless (pair)
SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector O-Ring Replacement Set
SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Barrel Ring Replacement
SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Ratchet Replacement Kit
Tuscan Fireplace Chestnut Roasting Pan
Spit for the SpitJack XB85 and XB125
Tuscan Fireplace and Camping Grill - Stainless Steel
Pig, Hog, and Lamb Rotisserie for La Caja China Box
Spit Support Brackect for the XB85, XB125, XB150
SpitJack Rotisserie Motor - ZD125
Adjustable Tuscan Fireplace & Camping Grill - Stainless
Fireplace Trivet - 9 Inch Stainless
Fireplace & Barbecue Pit Shovel
SpitJack Rotisserie Motor - HD55-SS
Adjustable Rotisserie Motor Post Kit for SB Motors
Stainless Steel Rotisserie Spit - 1 inch OD - 72 inch - 2 piece
SpitJack Rotisserie X Bases - Heavy Duty
SpitJack Rotisserie X Bases
Stainless Steel Rotisserie Spit - 1.34 inch OD - 72 inch
Spit End Extension for 1.34 OD Spit
Stainless Steel Rotisserie Spit - 1.34 inch OD - 72 inch - 2 piece with end extensions
Spit Support Brackect for the XB50, CXB55
Stainless Rotisserie Forks for 1 Inch Spit (pair)
SpitJack All-Purpose Seasoning Blend & Rub - 8 OZ.
The CharCone 24 - Charcoal Kiln, Grill, Smoker
Stainless Rotisserie Trussing U-Bolt - 8"
Rotisserie Tripod Base for SpitJack CB Models
Base for SpitJack CXB55 Rotisserie
Post For CXB55 Rotisserie

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